Knurls – Inch & Metric

Inch and Metric Knurls
The Largest Selection of Inch and Metric Knurls Anywhere.
Thousands of standard and semi‐standard sizes, pitches and patterns for inch and metric knurling tools. Whether you have a Brown& Sharpe, Armstrong or one of those old abandoned European knurling tools (you know, the one buried in your tool crib with years of dust on it), give us a call. We have knurls IN STOCK to fit virtually every tool ever made.

If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, ASK FOR IT. Please have the Knurl Dimensions, Pitch and Profile needed. If possible, please have the knurling tool manufacturers name and model number also.

Custom Knurls ‐ Since there is a huge variety of standard knurls available off‐the‐shelf, your special knurl may not be so special [and costly] after all. When designing the exact knurl for your application, check to see if one of our standard knurls come close enough. This will naturally save all of us a considerable amount of manufacturing time and expense.

If you do not find a standard knurl that comes close enough to what you need, just send us your blueprint. Whether you need a simple modification of a standard knurl or something totally unique, please give us a call. We would be happy to quote knurls to your exact specifications.