A1-48 Group

No. A1–48

PACKER™ 5C Fixture Collets
The PACKER Fixture Collets are machinable collet blanks to accommodate an unlimited variety of workholding applications. The 5C shank can be mounted in any 5C collet spindle for turning odd shaped parts or for milling in multi-axis machining centers.

With a little "Toolmaker Ingenuity", multiple cavities can be created to hold and machine multiple parts in a single setup. Mounting in a one or two axis index fixture, the enhanced accessibility of a part can potentially reduce multiple fixturings and cut cycle and setup times.

The threaded 5C back screw is removable and replaceable to extend the life-cycle of the collet. When the threads are worn or damaged, the back screw is easily replaced. The fixture collet itself no longer needs to be discarded and remade.
A1-33 Bushette Tool Holders

No. A1–33

BUSHETTE® Collet Type Tool Holders
An excellent alternative to bushings. The BUSHETTE Tool Holders are designed especially for CNC Lathes and Turning Centers where tools must be practical and hard working to keep your machines competitive in today’s tough market. Excellent for presetting backup tooling and setting up for your next job.

All BUSHETTE's are fully hardened and precision ground. Available for 5C, R8 and 3C Collets. Collet Stops are included with all 5C BUSHETTE's. A great way to make use of the Collets lying around the shop.
A1-51 Expanding Collets

No. A1–51

5C Expanding Collets
The most effective and accurate means of internal chucking for short runs to mass production. Features a solid, one piece body for maximum rigidity and repeatability. Once seated in the spindle and machined to size, these collets can hold concentricity well within .0005". Applicable on any machine or fixture with a 5C spindle. Machinable to any configuration within their stock and minimum machinable diameters.

Collets with diameters 4" and larger feature our exclusive lock ring for greater stability and accuracy while machining to their specific application.
A1-51 Arbor set

No. A1–52

Machinable Expanding Arbors
An effective and economical means for internal chucking. Easy Machinability and operation. Available individually or in complete sets.
A1-248-00 SHAPLANE Radius Tool

No. A1–248

SHAPLANE™ Radius Tool
A simple and accurate way to turn a radius on your manual lathe. Each unit features a rigid cast iron construction for an accurate chatter-free operation and long life. The gearing is fully enclosed to prevent the entrance of any chips or foreign matter. Setups are quick and easy. An extension handle is included to keep your hands away from the hot chips while feeding the tool.
A1-220-00 ANTI-BACKLASH Ring Set

No. A1–220

A valuable time saver for your Lathes and Turning Centers. Every ring you will ever need for boring out your soft jaws on one convenient wooden rack.